How often should I replace my filter?

Every house is different but a good rule of thumb is if your filter is 1″ wide, check or replace monthly.  If your filter is 4″ wide, check or replace every 9 to 12 months.


Which direction should the arrow point on the filter?

The arrow dictates which direction the air should flow through the filter.  Therefore, the arrow should point toward the furnace.


Should I cover my air-conditioner in the winter?

It’s not necessary but if you decide to do so, only cover the top of it.


What should I set my thermostat for?

Again, every house is different.  However, most people are comfortable in the winter setting their house between 68 and 72 degrees.  In the summer, most people find comfort between 75-80 degrees.


What is the average life of a furnace?

A well-installed, quality system should last 15-20 years.  In that time it’s not uncommon to have a few repairs but with regular maintenance, your system should have a good life.


How often should I have my furnace maintained?

Manufacturers are pretty much in agreement that routine maintenance should be done on a yearly basis.   This is especially important as the system gets older.






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