Air cleaners improve indoor air quality with cost-effective alternatives for every home.


Think your indoor air is safe and healthy? Think again!
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than the air outside. The American College of Allergists says that 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality. AN air cleaner can solve these air quality issues.


Pets will almost always aggravate the problem.
Pets give off hair and dander every day. Vacuuming and pet baths cut down only somewhat on the problem. Your pet’s dander can be circulated throughout your house on a daily basis. An air cleaner can solve this air quality issue as well.


Allergy sufferers are particularly affected.
Allergy attacks can be triggered by breathing pollen, respirable dust, molds, spores and pet dander. Some of these particles can be as small as one half of one micron: too small to be caught by normal disposable furnace filters. Air cleaners can trap these particles.


Portable devices don’t provide clean air to your entire home.
Some people have ionizing room units or portable air purifiers in some rooms. However, since your heating and cooling system moves over 1.5 million cubic feet of this polluted air everyday throughout your house. This is the perfect location to attack this indoor air quality challenge with products designed specifically to address contaminants without using any dangerous chemicals.


Poor indoor air quality increases energy costs and wear and tear on your system.
Did you know that poor indoor air quality can take its toll on your heating-cooling system and increase your energy costs? A normal one-inch furnace filter has one primary function: to keep large objects from damaging your heating and cooling equipment. The dust and dirt that gets beyond that filter accumulates on the furnace and the air conditioning coil, making the system less efficient, increasing your energy bills and raising maintenance costs.

A humidifier offers many benefits:

  • Reduces dry, itchy skin and static shocks
  • Extends the life of your home furnishings, precious art and delicate instruments
  • Lowers your energy bill because you actually feel warmer at a lower temperature
  • Humidifies your whole home evenly and with just the right amount of humidity
  • Offers automatic features with state-of-the-art “smart” digital controls for ease of operation
  • Conserves water and energy: in fact, most models use virtually no electricity

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